LIFE+ MANEV Final report

You have now available the final report of the LIFE+ MANEV project in the Technical documents section on this

31/03/2016 - Final publication of the LIFE+ MANEV Project

Now you can find the final publication of the LIFE + MANEV Project at the following link:

28/01/2016 - Have a look to the VIDEO TUTORIAL of the MANEV tool

Do you know how to use the MANEV tool? We have prepared a video tutorial with the aim of guiding you to manage the tool and take profit of it. Click here to see

25/01/2016 - Video of the LIFE+ MANEV project

You can see the summary of the LIFE+ MANEV project in this video. Click here to see the short version

Layman report

Now you can find a summary of the main actions and results of the LIFE+MANEV Project in the Layman report available in Documents section of this website. Have a


A hundred people, related to agriculture and livestock sector, attended the closing session of the LIFE + MANEV project that took place on November 18. at the headquarters of the Ministry of Rural Development and Sustainability of the Government of Aragon in


In January 2011 the LIFE + Manev project started under the title Evaluation of manure management and treatment technology for environmental protection and sustainable livestock farming in Europe. It was born with the aim of improving environmental

25/06/2015 - LIFE+ MANEV project is presented at the Fira Sant Miquel

On Friday 25 Manev September the LIFE + project was presented in Lerida, in the Fira de Sant Miquel. The conference, entitled "Innovative aspects of the livestock manure management", was organized by IRTA (project partner) belonging to the Department of Agriculture,

09/09/2015 - Presentation of the LIFE + MANEV project in the RAMIRAN conference 2015

On September 9 the LIFE + MANEV project was presented at the 16th International Conference of the Research Network on Recycling of Agricultural and Industrial Residues in Agriculture (RAMIRAN), held in Hamburg (Germany). RAMIRAN 2015 was focusing on closing the loop linking

08/06/2015 - The LIFE+ MANEV project in the EXPO Milano 2015:

On June 4, the LIFE + Manev project was presented within the framework of the Expo Milano 2015. The CRPA partner was in charge of organizing, in the city of Reggio Emilia, the national conference "The project Life Manev: the treatment of manure to improve

05/05/2015 - Project partners meet in Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Last April 29th the project partners visited the treatment plants evaluated by CRPA (Reggio Emilia). During

27/04/2015 - LIFE+ MANEV project in the Expo Milano 2015

The 4. June, CRPA will organize in the congress hall of the Fairs of Reggio Emilia the Italian national conference "The project LIFE Manev: the treatment of manure to improve the

26/03/2015 - MANEV Tool

Coming soon! The Manev tool will be available online on this site in the next

16/03/2015 - LIFE + Manev at the 12th edition of FIGAN Zaragoza from 17 to 20 March 2015

The LIFE + Manev project will participate in the international fair of animal production FIGAN ( to be held in Zaragoza Trade Fair from 17 to 20

24/02/2015 - LIFE project Meeting: LIFE + Manev, LIFE and LIFE FUTUR VALPORC AGRARI.

On February 24 took place, in the premises of the Swine Waste Management Enterprise Cinco Villas in Ejea de los Caballeros, a technical meeting in which three LIFE projects, all related to manure

12/11/2014 - LIFE + Manev participation in the REC-2014 Conference held in Murcia on 12th, 13th and 14th November

Last 12th, 13th and 14th November took place in Murcia the Fourth Conference of the Spanish Composting Network, REC-2014, entitled: "From Waste to Resource: Management strategies,

29/10/2014 - The EC has approved the extension of the project LIFE + MANEV for one year

The European Commission has approved the extension of the LIFE + Manev project without any modification in the initial budget of the project. The project will finish 31. December 2015.

01/10/2014 - CRPA organizes a workshop on LIFE+ MANEV Project during the 69th Edition of the International Dairy Cattle Show

October 22, 2014 - Cremona (Italy): CRPA organizes in Italpig Forum Area of the Pig Exhibition of Cremona, during the 69th edition of the International Dairy Cattle Show, a Workshop on "Project LIFE + MANEV -

01/10/2014 - The LIFE+ Manev Project in the Special Bioenergy 2014 of the Technical Magazine of Environment RETEMA

The LIFE+ MANEV project is presented in the special number of Bioenergy 2014 of september/october of the Technical Magazine of Environment RETEMA  

22/09/2014 - Last 18th September, the LIFE+ MANEV Project presented a technical workshop during the 47th edition of SEPOR that took place in Lorca (Murcia)

Last September the 47th edition of SEPOR was held in Lorca (Murcia). It is a livestock fair of reference in Spain, which took place from 15th to

08/08/2014 - SEPOR includes, in its 47th edition, a session of the LIFE+ Manev Project

From 15 to 18 September 2014, the 47th edition of SEPOR (Livestock, Industrial and Agrifood Fair) will take place in Lorca (Murcia, Spain) (

28/06/2014 - LIFE+ MANEV Project is presented in ORBIT 2014

Last 26-28 June the 9th International Conference ORBIT 2014 (Organic Recovery and Biological Treatment) took place in Gödölló (Hungary) entitled “New challenges, new

06/06/2014 - LIFE+ Manev Project was presented at the Conference organized by CIFEA in Lorca (Murcia)

Last 3 of June, the LIFE+ Manev Project was presented in a technical workshop at the Integrated Center for Training and Agricultural Experience (CIFE) in Lorca (Murcia) entitled "Agronomic use of

03/06/2014 - XV Ecological Forum in Warmia-Mazuria (Poland)

XV Selfgovernmental Ecological Forum organized by the Selfgovernment of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship took place on 28-29 May 2014 in Ryn. Subject matter of the

21/05/2014 - SEPOR will host a conference on manure management and environmental protection (LIFE+ Project MANEV)

The next September, the 47th of livestock, industrial and agri-food fair (SEPOR) will take place in Lorca (Murcia).

20/05/2014 - XV Ecological Forum in Warmia-Mazuria (Poland)

On 28-29th May 2014 in Ryn (Warmia and Mazury, Poland) Selfgovernment of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship hosts XV Selfgovernmental Ecological Forum concerning the project “Evaluation of manure management

13/05/2014 - LIFE + Manev has participated in the BATFARM conference

On 13th May, the INTERREG BATFARM Project organized a disseminative conference in Bilbao(Spain). The aim was to present the results obtained during the project "Evaluation of Best Available Techniques (BATs) to

01/04/2014 - The European Commission visits the LIFE + MANEV Project

Last 31. March 2014 members of the European Commission of the LIFE Project team visited the LIFE+ MANEV project to verify the technical and economic development of the project. The visit was carried out in the

17/03/2014 - Publication of the contracting advert of the design, development and implementation service of a software tool

The last 14 March 2014 was published the contracting advert of the “Design, development and implementation service of the decision support software tool in relation to the manure management,

13/12/2013 - Third project meeting of the LIFE+ MANEV

Last 12th and 13th December took place the 3rd Project Meeting of the LIFE+ Manev in Foulum (Denmark).

14/06/2013 - The EC monitoring team visits the LIFE+ MANEV Project

The last 13 June 2013, the LIFE+ MANEV Project was visited by the EC monitoring team in SARGA facilities in Zaragoza with the aim of getting a deeper insight into the project development.

09/05/2013 - Conference

On May 9, 2013 the conference "Exchange of experiences on sustainable management of manure" organized by SARGA was celebrated in Zaragoza. The mean objective of these conferences was to show different alternatives

11/03/2013 - The beneficiary coordinator SODEMASA changes to SARGA

The beneficiary coordinator SODEMASA (Sociedad de Desarrollo Medio Ambiental de Aragón) has been merged with another public company called SIRASA

14/12/2012 - Second project meeting of the LIFE+ MANEV

During last 13th and 14th December the Second project meeting of the LIFE+ Manev was held inMilan. The main issue of the meeting was the development of the software tool. A visit to the

11/10/2012 - GIRO CT is replaced by IRTA

The associated beneficiary GIRO (Gestiò Integral de Residus Orgànics) has recently been absorbed by the Institut de Reserca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA). For this reason, since

02/07/2012 - A delegation of the region of Warmia-Mazury (Poland) visits Spain

During 27-30 of June SODEMASA hosted the visit of members of a delegation of Warmia-Mazury (Poland). A total of 15 people including farmers, technicians and administrative staff visited the two Swine Waste

31/05/2012 - Common evaluation and monitoring protocol

According to the initial proposal the common evaluation and monitoring protocol has been developed. This protocol defines the methodology and the parameters to be analyzed for the performance evaluation of different

17/05/2012 - Study visit of Warmina-Mazury delegation to the Emilia-Romagna Region

The next 22nd May, it will be held in Reggio Emilia the technical visit of a Polish delegation of Warmia-Mazury region, including technical, local authorities and pig farmers. Warmia-Mazury region is a

19/03/2012 - 1st Visit of the EC monitoring team to LIFE+ Manev project

The external assistant of the European Commission, Audrey Thénard visited on March 15th and 16th the GIRO headquarters in Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona) in order to monitor from a

17/04/2011 - Opening session of the LIFE + Manev project

Last April 14 was held in Zaragoza (Spain) the opening day of the LIFE + Manev with the participation of all partners. They were presented the project objectives and the different types of management and treatment